Amazing Android Navigation for BMW for luxurious cars

by Angela

Once navigation was thought to be specific only for luxurious cars, but the advent of modern technological innovations has made it accessible to everyone who owns a BMW car.

The premium android navigation

This is a fully integrated Navigation system which is equipped with sensors that monitor each movement of the wheels as well as the steering angle.

The intelligent sensors can also locate the vehicle each and every moment. This ensures reliable navigation even with weak GPS signals. The map will show the image and acknowledge position on it.

Real Time Traffic Information:

Stay updated every moment. It conveys every single bit of detail about the traffic. Through constant monitoring the roads it provides all essential information in an instant. It will guide you about your most suitable route and ask you to avoid routes with heavy traffic to make sure you reach your destination at the right time.

Great Memory:

The latest Android OS comes with 4GB Ram and 64GB ROM for enhanced memory usage. It allows freedom of app installation. This makes it possible to enjoy faster speed and flawless running for a great user experience.

Antiglare Blue Ray Display

This amazing glare resistant screen is an essential part of vehicles that have a panoramic view. It will absorb all the light rays falling on it and will not produce any reflection. Hence this screen is a classical feature of Android Navigation or BMW.

Office On the Go:

The Navigation system uses intelligent software to connect you and your vehicle with the outside world. You can now turn your navigator into your mobile office. Send emails and SMS, make appointments and prepare your to-do lists while you drive. You can check your content on the screen display as well as it will be read for you on the loud speakers.

One Touch Easy Control System:

You can operate the navigation system through BMW TeleServices. You can handle the keys single-handedly. Right key represents “forward” and the left key represents “back”, simply press to select or turn it to go back to the menu.

Touch Free Navigation:

Touch free navigation functions work on Voice Control feature. It enables the driver to control navigation while keeping his hands on the steering to avoid interruption. For example, the driver can enter the destination in one go. The format should be City; Street and Building number.

Some Additional Benefits Of Android Navigation:

  • Android navigationfor BMW allows faster input and you can use your contact details as address input.
  • A reminder app will let you know when you should be leaving for your destination.
  • The maps are always updated automatically.

Which One Is Better – PX6 or Qualcomm?

  • PX6 is compatible with Android 9.0 and Qualcomm is compatible with Android 10.
  • Qualcomm model costs nearly USD20.00 greater than the PX6.
  • You cannot upgrade an Android 9.0 to Android 10, so make the decision wisely.
  • If your country does not support a strong 4G network, a PX6 is sufficient for you.
  • Android 9.0 and 10 have nearly same functions, and you do not notice much difference in everyday usage.

The Android Navigation for BMW has numerous benefits and is becoming popular among the BMW users.

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