Ghost in the new Rolls machine

by Angela

Rolls Royce announced their newest addition to the luxury car line today, the Ghost. While it is not the most innovative name from the company, it does fall in line with the previous recent model releases of the Silver Shadow, Wraith, and Phantom.

The Ghost resembles a mini-Phantom as it is still a Rolls Royce, but will best fit the income levels of those who may have felt the crunch in the economy without being anywhere close to actually being broke.

Despite a lower price tag, the Ghost is designed to be the most powerful model by the car manufacturer on the market yet with a V12 twin-turbo engine that is 6.6 litre and capable of producing 189N torque and 563 high class horses.

While the Ghost can only reach up to 155mph tops, it does not take its time doing so as it can reach 60mph in only 4.7 seconds which is pretty decent for a car that weighs in at about 2.5 tonnes.

It also of course has many luxury features built into it as any other Rolls Royce with all the flair you would expect from a Rolls Royce that you do not really need, but it sounds delightful to have.
For example, the seats can offer a lounge style massage while driving, there’s a fridge and picnic tables in the back, and if you want to close the rear doors you can save your muscle power because there is a button for that.

For driving purposes, the car also has cameras that allow for every view of the car from the driver’s seat as well as reverse path prediction when parking and obstacle recognition. Also built into the car is pedestrian recognition systems and NightVision.

The Ghost is expected to cost about £165,000 and will be available at the close of 2009.

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